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Warning: Normally is the language of this Wiki German, but every noch so bleed German and every washreal Austrian will this text understand when he reads him!
Was for a beautiful Picture of Günther Oettinger that is!

Oettinger-English is a new modic Language which the german EU-Policeman Günther Oettinger invented has. A Time long was he Ministerpresident of his Homeland Baden-Württemberg, a Land where they „We can all except from High German“ say. He finded that that not true is, because English can they too not. Because of that wanted he English learn. He managed that – more or less - and should a Politician be and after that went he to the EU-Parliament and wanted the world change. His Greatfather (Alfons Oettinger) was the Inventor of "OETTINGER"-Beer, which as one of the most delicius Beers in Germany known is.

Günter Oettinger

Günther Oettinger was in his Homeland born where they all in one Boat sit, he, his Father and his Mother and the Gynokologist who him helped the Light of the World to see. After that decided he to make his Name to the English compatible because the Englishmen the „Ö“ in his Aftername not know. Stupidheway forgot he his Infrontofname. He noticed that he a Talent for the English have would because english the language of the work and the future is.

Out of this Reason he founded it to boring in his Boat with all the Westerwaves under himself and he wanted to School go. There learned he five years English and nine years Latin because that the Mother of all Languages is. Thereafter was he ministerpresident of his Homeland and heared very much Music of the Beatles (We all live in yellow boat).

In 30 Years developed he a new Kind of English. He needed so long because he so oft interrupted was. For Example mussted he out find that Hans Filbinger was not a Jugde, no, in Truth he was a Resistancefighter. What for a pity that that was first after his death outfound was. Then criticise him all the Newspapers and he could not himself concentrate on his new English. Yet before in the Year 2000 gave he first Courses at his new English to test, Lothar Matthäus was his Testbunny and he was very happy with his Results.


Günther Oettinger outgeboatet in his Boat, even a fridge has he with himself!

In the Year 2009 decided he his English to public. He had the Nose full of all the iditiotic Idioms of the English; that was so complicated that actually intelligent german Politicians the Language not rule. Germany musted also better be in the PISA-Study. They could all not the English (the Author of this Text also not). He went to EU-Parliament at all to show his Invention: a simple English.

That English hat in front of all following Adventages:

  • It sounds funny.
  • It sounds almost like German, the best Language in the World (yet the famousest Authors Schiller, by the way, Schiller comes also from Oettingers Homeland, and Goethe choosed that Language to the Write)
  • It is easy to understand.
  • It has no strange sentencesettings.
  • Every German will understand it without English learned to have. That is an important contribution to Understanding among nations and that is the main Aim of the EU. That knows everybody!
  • The Newspapers have Something to Write.

After that he stood in all Newspapers. Naturely only in the Germans, the English had no „ü“ on their Keyboard. Unfortunately he could not throughsitting his Language, the last Try the World with german Language to contaminate failed yet a time 70 Years before...

Here a Hearexample